Hannay GCR Series Grounding Reels

Manual Rewind Grounding Reel
To handle #2, 1/0 or 2/0 cable

Applications: Cable, Industrial, Construction, Utilities, Mining, Agriculture, Transportation

• Independently tested to 43 kVA for 30 cycles.
• Helps meet OSHA requirements for vehicle grounding.
• Offers manual rewind with hand crank permanently attached to disc.
• Internal rotary device.

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*Reel does not include cable. Please call mdi for available cable options.

1. Specifications subject to change.
2. If shipping reel with cable, add 16 lbs. for packaging, plus weight of cable.
3. To order, specify: cable gauge, length, O.D., and complete model number.

Manual/Hand Crank

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Model Size (cable) Length (ft.) Weight (lbs)
GCR10-17-19 #2 150 30
GCR10-17-19 1/0 90 30
GCR10-17-19 2/0 90 30

Dimensions for GCR Series
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Model A B C D E F G H X Y
GCR10-17-19 9 6.5 10.5 15 16.5 10.5 17.19 8.94 7 11.5

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