Hannay Swing-Out Hose reels are used primariliy in ARFF firefighting applications. These reels mount inside truck cabinets and are designed to swing out for ease of operation and accessibility. Equipped with 2 pin locks to lock reel in stored position as well as 90° to cabinet for forward deployment of hose line.

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Hannay Swing-Out Series Hose Reel

Hannay Swing-Out Series Power Rewind Reels to handle hose in off-shore or shallow harbor operations.

Applications: Fire, Rescue

• 12v or 24v DC explosion-proof motor.
• Heavy-duty square tubing frame.
• Auxiliary bevel gear crank rewind with pinion brake.
• Inlet 90° FxF swivel joint.
• Outlet MNST is standard (other threads available).
• Swing-out frame includes bearings and brackets for swing mount.
• Rollers available as an option.
• Grab handle is standard.
• Optional pivot release knob with multi-position lock replaces 2 manual pin locks.
• Pressures to 1000 psi (69 bar).
• Other custom sizes and configurations available depending on cabinet size.
• Right-hand version for passenger side compartment. Left-hand version for driver side compartment.
• Also usable in stored position.