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Hannay Custom Series Reels

Hannay Reels has the capability to custom build to your specifications. Hannay's Custom Shop offers design expertise, manufacturing flexibility, competitive pricing and over 80 years experience in custom built hose and cable reels.

Hannay specializes in hose or cable reels that are extreme in size or require customized components not found on a standard production line, including:

• Large diameter reels ranging 8 feet in diameter
• Large diameter fire reels for lay flat supply hose
• High pressure cleaning reels for jetting, water blasting and other extreme pressure uses
• Special applications requiring unique electric, hydraulic and air motors
• Reels with multi-passage swivel joints and multi-circuit slip rings
• Single wrap reels with a narrow footprint for aviation, home refueling or vacuum hose
• Multi-wrap reels for longer lengths of hose
• Floater reels for offshore, ship to shore or ship to ship fuel transport
• Unique driver systems designed for heavy industrial use
• Most models are available in steel, stainless steel or aluminum construction


To ensure your custom reel fits your needs perfectly, we are committed to collaboration from the start. When a request comes in, one of our Sales Engineers gathers information from you on how the reel will be used including the following requirements:
• Environment
• Application
• Power drive requirements
• Temperature, pressure or amperage needed
• Size and footprint
• Construction and finish

From there, these specs will be passed on to our Design Engineering team to determine the best solution and specs to fit your unique needs. Once the specs are approved, the reel goes into production. The mdi Sales team and Hannay Design team work closely with the Custom Shop through the entire building process.

With Hannay Reels, we’re not building our reels – we’re building yours.

You can start your custom project today! Call us TODAY at 727-835-0674 or Toll Free at 800-761-4298

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